You might be wondering, what is the significance of the word kouha? This page attempts to explain the term.


Literally, the word kouha in Japanese means "the hard way."

On one of the IRC channels I frequent, one of the favorite video games among the regulars is a Japanese import called Sakura Taisen 3. In this game, there is a character attribute that measures whether your character is a kouha or a nanpa. A kouha character is serious and devoted to duty and honor, whereas a nanpa character tends to be lazy, flaky, and somewhat of a jokester. All characters start out as neutral (neither nanpa or kouha) but through the decisions and actions of your character in the game, the attribute changes dynamically.

One fine day, someone on the channel decided to categorize everybody on the channel as either kouha or nanpa. For some reason, I was one of the few people assigned to the kouha category. One thing led to another, and when I decided to create a new personal web site, I decided that would be a good domain name.

Why I was classified as kouha is still a mystery to me. My real life friends know that I joke around far too much to be truly kouha. Ah well, it's all in good fun.